Developing Django app on Google App Engine without using google-app-engine-django

I wrote this before I discovered google-app-engine-django (Google App Engine Helper for Django). It seems to be silly not using it. So the following is only the instructions for the setup without using google-app-engine-django which I strongly recommend using. Please do check out google-app-engine-django, using which would be a totally different story.

Building a Django app for Google App Engine(gae) today, here are all the steps. I am using Kubuntu 9.10. Let’s say the name of my project is helloworld. I also decide to use Django 1.1 instead of the default Django 0.96, to do this, follow this link.

  • Download gae python SDK from gae website first. Django is included in the SDK, unzip the SDK file.
  • This article from google app engine website(I call it “getting started guide” in this article) is the instruction I followed as a getting started guide , pretty well written. This is another helpful link. “google app engine helper” appears to be obsolete,  “django-nonrel” is now used. here’s the instruction.
  • First off, run the following command to start a django project: /path/to/ startproject helloworld
  • Create a new file called Copy the file content from the “getting started guide” to One line needs to be chanaged: os.environ['DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE'] = 'project.settings' change “project.setting” to “settings” which refers to “” where extension “py” is omitted.
  • Create app.yaml following the “getting started guide”.
  • Run: google_appengine/ helloworld/
  • Open web browser, go to http://locahost:8080, you will see a web page which gives you some error messages. It turns out to be the wrong url file setting in the setting file. Modify that in the setting file, you will see an empty Django powered page.
  • Now start develop Django project as you usually would do.
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